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Friday, 6 June 2014

Art Deco Div-ersion: Stella Artois

Every now and then I’ll post what I’m calling an Art Deco Div-ersion; a pleasant jaunt away from talking about all things Art Deco and instead, covering an event I attended. With all that being said, I thought I’d chat about a fabulous event I went to on Wednesday night.

International beer magnate Stella Artois has teamed up with the Toronto based fashion maven GOTSTYLE to create an incredible consumer experience by way of a Pop-Up Gifting Shoppe, just in time for Father’s Day. On Wednesday night I was present for the the grand opening, and while my head is still pounding from the hangover, it was a fabulous night!

Nothing says Stella Artois more than a Stella Artois chandelier. I say fill all the chalices!

Located at 399 Queen Street West, this snazzy little joint took over the space that B2 used to occupy and have they ever done it justice!  The space has a light, airy feeling to it as all the walls and fixtures gleam with fresh white paint. The merchandising strategy is on-point with tight little collection pods displaying only a few of each piece. The concept of the shoppe is all about piecing together the perfect gift for Dad paired with a custom etched Stella Artois Chalice, naturally.

Some summer styling from GOTSTYLE

Muff and Beaver Cufflinks from Simon Carter, you cheeky devill!

The event itself was just fantastic. After some Red Carpet photoshoot action, I was greeted by the incredible vocals of Carissa Kimbell who seduced the crowd with old jazz classics from the likes of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. I was then presented with an interesting fact that I hadn’t previously known about Stella Artoi: Did you know that there are 9 steps to pouring the perfect pint of Stella? Learn more about that here. After watching a full on How-To, I received a pint of my very own (the first of many) and cruised the collections available.

I was a lone wolf that night as le beau had to work, but I found myself in a sea of familiar faces. I had some fabulous Art Deco chat with the lovely Gail McInnes and some man talk with Christian Dare. I bumped into the wonderful and gracious Melissa Austria, and the ever so stunning Charlotte Jenkins of GOTSTYLE where I heard all about how this whole experience came to be and chatted about all things fashion. Charlotte also rocked some stunning Art Deco jewellery. What a babe – a live-action Jessica Rabbit if I ever saw one. 

The stunning Charlotte Jenkins of GOTSTYLE and Yours Truly

There are no words...

Love this cuff!

A very cool part of the night was bumping into the founder of Baffi Collection; check out their ever so unique collection of wooden pocket squares. Designed and manufactured in Canada and using strictly Canadian wood, these pocket squares aren’t only unique and fashionable but 100% Canadian. Love wood? I also chatted with the founder of Bo by Mansouri, who has a dandy collection of wooden bow ties. In case you didn’t know, wood is the new black.

Melissa Austria of GOTSTYLE (Middle) flanked by the gents of Baffi Collection(Right) and Bo by Mansouri (Left)

After way too many pints of the golden liquid, I took off into the night with my mega-babe and fiercely talented friend Megan Mane, along with her charming beau.

She's basically a modern Marilyn.

Pictures and memories aside, I have my very own custom etched chalice which will always bring me back to the Stella Artois Gifting Shoppe. If you're in Toronto, head down to Queen West and treat your daddy right. Hurry though, it’s only open until June 15th. Also, a huge thanks to Veritas for inviting me!

Ci vediamo!


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